Why Battlefield Sim?

Inflatable Training Walls

Battlefield Sim introduces its own modular urban Inflatable Training Walls designed to give a quick hard wearing man portable solution for MOUT, FIBUA or general urban training which can be set up absolutely anywhere in any conditions.
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Battlefield SIM is the UK agent for MIL-SIM-FX and their line of totally safe non pyrotechnic weapon effect simulators. MIL-SIM-FX look to create realistic theatrical drama for a broad range of scenarios creating a large visual and audio effect with a very short safety distance.
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E Combat

E – Combat is a revolutionary small arms training system. CQB, MOUT and FIBUA combat challenges have changed massively in recent years. Battlefield Sim has a leading edge product, designed to meet the needs of today’s armed professional.
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Integrated Training

The complete training package for small arms training scenarios. The revolutionary tactical engagement system E – Combat, Inflatable Training Walls, and WES combine as a complementary training system, adding theatre and an immersive level of atmosphere.
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Cost Effective

1Battlefield Sim is dedicated to providing the best solutions at the most affordable price possible. We do this through listening carefully to the needs of trainers and not providing overly complicated solutions.


2We understand the time pressures modern trainers are under to maximize their training efficiency and our systems will help to increase the time spent actually training not bogged down in setting up or striking a system.


3Battlefield Sim aims to provide the safest training equipment and methods possible whilst still engaging the trainee in scenarios which mimic real life hazards. This maximizes the quality of the training experience.


4Battlefield Sim is big enough to cope with your specific training demands but small enough to care about your individual trainees needs. We’re able to adapt our methodology to suit your application.

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